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Rental Criteria 

Thank you for your interest in our rental property. To ensure fair and equal treatment for all applicants, we have established the following rental qualifying criteria. Please note that while we have specific requirements, our screening process is conducted on a case-by-case basis, taking individual circumstances into account. 

  1. Credit Check 
    We conduct a credit check for all applicants. A minimum score of 540 is required for consideration. To be considered for a lower deposit, a credit score of 580 is required. No credit history will be considered only for the higher deposit. There can be no open bankruptcies or any discharged bankruptcies within the last five years. Our evaluation includes factors such as rental payment history, financial responsibility, and current financial situation. 

  2. Criminal Background Check  

    We conduct a criminal background check for all applicants. We evaluate each case individually, considering the nature and recency of any criminal history. Any violent or sexual crimes will be an automatic denial. Our assessment is solely focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. 

  3. Income Verification 
    Applicants must demonstrate a minimum verifiable income of at least (2.75x) the monthly rent. To be considered for a lower deposit income must be at least three times (3x) the monthly rent. If there are multiple applicants, their combined income can be considered to meet the requirement. All income sources will be considered. 

  4. Employment History Verification                                                                                                Applicants are required to provide one month of recent pay history to verify employment. Applicant must prove one year’s employment history to be considered for a lower deposit. We consider an applicant's overall financial capability and willingness to fulfill lease obligations based on their employment and income stability. 

  5. Rental History Verification 
    Having a verifiable positive rental history of at least one year is required to be considered for a lower deposit. Less than one-year of rental history will require the higher deposit.  

  6. Lease Holder Guidelines 
    All household members over 18 must be approved as an applicant and be a leaseholder. Government-issued identification is required for each applicant over the age of 18.

  7. Occupancy Guidelines                                                                                                                             Our occupancy guidelines adhere to HUD standards, ensuring the safety and comfort of all residents. We consider the number of occupants per bedroom to maintain a healthy living environment. 

  8. Funds Required  
    Application Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) is required at the time of submitting the application and is used to cover the costs of processing the application. 
    Admin/Move-In Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE) is required within 24 hours of application approval to reserve the unit. Must be paid in CERTIFIED FUNDS. 
    Security Deposit and all applicable fees are due the day of move-in. Must be CERTIFIED FUNDS. Security Deposit is refundable post move-out, minus any deductions. 


Our goal is to provide equal housing opportunities to all applicants while ensuring the well-being of our community. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us. We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming you to our rental community. 

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